10 Reasons To Visit a Local Craft Fair

Daisy Belle Designs Craft Fair Stall

I have been a craft fair addict for a very long time and would never walk passed one without having a good old look around. Craft fairs are a lot more exciting than the old days of pickles and baby bootees. The internet means talented folk can now actually make a living selling directly to the public and that has benefits for us all. Here are 10 reasons why craft fairs should be very much on your list of places to shop:

1. Meet the maker of the gorgeous product you are purchasing and hear it's story

2. Support 'Buy Local' which is a growing ethical concept and it really makes sense

3. Products are often unusual and unique which also means no one will know how much you have spent

4. You may have viewed the seller's item online but at a craft fair you can see it, touch it, taste it

5. Speaking of which, most good craft and handmade fairs have a very nice cafe

6. Make a day out of it with a friend, browse, go for lunch, come back and buy

7. If you just want to browse, pick up business cards, most sellers will have an online shop you can visit later

8. Have something custom made just for you or a friend, most makers are pleased to accomodate

9. Support the growing number of home workers in your area

10. Soak up the atmosphere, especially at a good old Christmas market

Hope to see you at an event very soon.

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